I have practically been in the reading (can’t remember the number of times I read Cinderella as a young girl) and writing business all my life. Oh! I love to write. I savor writing moments. Why? Just like speaking, writing is highly influential.

So, from childhood, I determined to be a writer. I trained at a journalism school and practiced journalism for over a decade.

I quit my media practice after 10 years to run a home-based business (because of the kids). I tried my hands at several businesses but freelance writing clicked for me.

The string of failures I had before freelancing (in August 2016) messed with my head. Yes, it took its toll. Depression set in. Fear got a grip of me. I lost all hope and confidence. I felt suicidal. Self-pity took center stage. Anxiety enveloped me. I was no longer sure of myself. Neither was I sure of freelancing success.

So, I initially worked with Mary Ade, a pseudonym, and had as clients, MailRelay, Automate, Highspot, SalesNexus, Pinpointe, ListenLoop, CriticalMention, MoEngage, HatchBuck, etc.

These are some of the articles I wrote for them:

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Today, I operate under my real name and offer writing services to clients in the B2B tech space. I help them to craft content that turns casual users into die-hard fans. I write blog posts, white papers, website content, and email newsletters about CRMs, analytics, video conferencing, e-signature and document tracking, account-based marketing, customer service, data networks, marketing automation, artificial intelligence, events tech, and more.

Wanna Work with Me?

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Let Me Close with this Short Version of My Story

All my life, I have been fascinated with this quote by former American first lady, Eleanor Roosevelt: “the future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” I’m constantly learning, I’m entrepreneurial and I believe anything can be achieved with the right mix of determination, and focus. and lots of hard work.

I’m interested in exciting writing opportunities that would lead to growth for clients and my humble self. I’m interested in working with clients who have a growth mindset; people who’re not afraid to test and tweak fresh and bold ideas. I’m looking to work with organizations that see content as an asset that delivers long-term value; people who’re ready to invest in their content. Do you think we can work together?

Talk to me if you’re up to the task as my calendar is filling up fast. Let’s grow your business together!