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3 Content Marketing Hacks for Sales Tech Providers

Do me a favor. Raise your hand if you’re consistently using high-quality content in your marketing efforts.

…What? Your hand isn’t raised?

Well, then you’re missing out on major opportunities to:

  • Reach more people with your marketing message
  • Build Long-lasting relationships with your customers
  • Inform and educate prospects about your product or service
  • Convert more browsers into buyers

In the past, tech buyers trusted a brand only after they have purchased a product or used a service. Today, companies need to earn their trust before they make a purchase, and content marketing is a great way to earn that trust.

Here are a few tips – 3 content marketing hacks for sales tech providers – that are sure to help you supercharge your content and raise your marketing game.

Constantly publish Information that will help your readers make a purchase decision.

I’ve seen lots of whitepapers that are nothing more than lackluster advertisements- veiled- as-information. These types of whitepapers annoy your readers, rob your brand of credibility, and discourage clients to the extent that they look for the next available exit.


You definitely don’t want that kind of thing. Instead, you need to enlighten your prospects. They don’t want to be sales targets. They want to research and discover helpful brands on their own.

Today’s tech buyers want information on products and services when they need it without having to go through a sales rep.

They want to know that you can be trusted when they’re conducting research. That’s what will set you apart from your competitors and allow you to market to your clients in a way that they prefer.  So, don’t sell. Help the prospect to buy. Helping is the new selling.

It’s a natural tendency for people to resist being sold. Bypass this natural resistance with storytelling. It’s a powerful bonding tool and people have been hard-wired since our caveman days to pay attention to stories. Weave stories into your free resources. It makes your content come alive.

See how I used storytelling in this post on fear.

Useful information is at the core of successful tech marketing.  And, the information has to do 5 things, according to the Content Marketing Institute (CMI):

  • Help customers to build the business case for change.
  • Show that you understand what prospects are looking for in 90 words or less.
  • Provide the breadth and the depth of your offerings and capabilities as a company.
  • Give detailed case studies for companies like that of your prospects
  • Empower clients to sell your solution to their internal stakeholders

Impact your customers at each stage of the buyer journey by providing relevant messaging. Discover gaps in your content by looking at search queries and common keyword phrases from your readers. You can then commit to creating such materials.

Offer lots of free resources on your website – infographics, educational videos, audio, blog posts, eBooks, and more. You cannot go wrong with this as product and service offerings in the tech industry aren’t the easiest to understand. And, if your prospects don’t understand what you’re offering, the chances that you’ll make them buyers are slim.

I know you want bonus points so let me throw this in. Make your content assets visually appealing by engaging the services of professional writers and designers.

Blog on a regular basis, and make sure your posts give your readers relevant info.

Regular blogging will help you to:

  • Build trust and credibility in your industry
  • Show off your brand personality
  • Differentiate yourself from rival companies
  • Expose your content to fresh eyes
  • Convert those eyes into leads

I mean, you do want these benefits of business blogging. Don’t you?

And your prospects do want a refreshing read. Not some dull, crappy content that’s littered with tech language and sales jargon.. I’m talking about something exciting and energizing. Something that will motivate and give them the information they need. Something that makes them feel like you can be trusted.

The long and short of this is: you need to prioritize blogging for your business. It’s the only way you’ll get the content marketing results you’re seeking. While these results probably won’t be instant, your hard work will surely be rewarded. Especially if you’re following SEO best practices and making sure that your content is targeting your specific audience.

Get rid of the crap from your website content.

So, you’re a sales tech provider, aren’t you?

…Now, I’ve got two other questions for you:

  1. Are your prospects sales tech providers?
  2. Can they relate with your level of sales tech knowledge?

Get rid of the crap. Your clients are smart and great at what they do, but they may not have the expertise needed to understand your excessive tech talk.

Interestingly, the most persuasive copy is written at about a middle school reading level, which falls somewhere around a 60-70 on the Flesch Reading Ease score… Surprised?

Using difficult sales tech jargon impresses no one. Instead, focus on using language that your readers can relate with. Create a buyer persona and address that one individual throughout your website content.

Detailed customer personas helps to know your prospect’s motivations and the challenges they’re having. It also allows you to craft your marketing messages to speak directly to your target audience..

How to Develop Buyer Personas

  • Learn about your clients by surveying existing customers, conducting one-on-one interviews:, monitoring your analytics, and talking to your employees.
  • Segment your audience into different groups with the answers you’ve collected from your questions above
  • Create your own buyer persona template

And remember, your personas are people. People like interesting content that is fun to read and grasp. People like being educated. People like working with companies who boldly display their brand personality in their content.

Your content should make people know, like and trust you. Does your content qualify?

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